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Wood, as raw material, has had significant roles in the construction and decor of our houses for ages. Be it for the construction or the interior of the house; we are most likely dependent on wood as a primary element. Thought the world saw a lot of improvements and many new inventions over the years, it is undeniable that wood is still one of the most sort after elements for any kind of interior demands at our homes. Because of this demand, the way we use wood grew to an extent where anything imaginable is possible.

Anything of too much will make it saturated and spoil the entire essence of it. So, even if the wood is something that you can use in all parts of the house from construction to a wooden spoon in the kitchen, it is not the best thing to do. So before you go over boards with the amount of wood you use for the interior of your house, here are somethings that will help you through the process.

A layer of wood

A wooden floor is typically the most commonplace for people to use wood as part of the interior design. The fact that this will elevate the look of the room and gives it that royal look says a lot about its popularity. But this is not the only place where you can have a full-fledged wooden finish. You can also have a false wooden ceiling, which gives the room little lowlight as wood does not bounce light like a place wall. This false wooden ceiling is a great option if you are someone who is looking for ideas to focus on particular objects rather than the entire room.

One more place where you can have the entire section made of wood is on one of the rooms’ walls. This is to make that particular wall on the room as the main attraction, and you can have the rest of the room designed focused on that particular wall. You can also go overboard and make the entires room wooden like the floor, walls, and the ceiling, but that will probably lead you to regret your decision later on. The key to having a wooden section is knowing the proper balance between wood and other surface percentages and the room’s colour if you can nail that you have one fine piece of art.

A wooden staircase

Having a staircase in your house is a normal thing, and it is one part of the house that gets the least effort put into it. But by designing it properly and having it blend with the rest of its surroundings, it can actually make it the key feature of the room. While designing a staircase using wood, you should keep in mind a few important things. The most important type of wood that you are going to use and the next is the amount of wood that will actually be on the staircase. You have to decide if you want to make the entire stairs out of the wood of having only a part of it in wood and the rest with other materials. This ration can have a huge impact on the overall look of the room; it is wise to choose that best enhances the rest of the room.

Wooden furniture

Furniture plays a major role in our homes. It is not just another piece of item in the house as we tend to spend most of your time on a piece of furniture. Be it a table, a chair, or the entire living room set up it has to be just right. So, such an essential part of the house needs to be as unique and as exclusive as possible. If there is one way to achieve such a unique and elegant look, it is with wooden furniture. It not only elevates the entire look of the house but also makes the room more stylish in its way. The best part since it will be treated wood is that you will have less maintenance in the long run compared to metal and leather incorporated furniture.

Wooden shelves and cabinets

We all need shelves in our homes, and its importance is growing every passing day. From a single place for books and things, it has become a piece of art with interior design growth. A properly designed shelf could act as a standalone showpiece with nothing else on it. And not many materials can give a shelf this status of individuality other than wood. The craze for a custom wooden shelf has grown over the years. Looking at the beauty of these shelves, no one will have anything to blame about.

Wooden epoxy tables or countertops

These epoxy tables are so crazy that you wouldn’t want to miss them by any chance. These tables are one of the perfect examples of modern meets traditional. It is where a traditional meets the modern epoxy resin fuses together and made one breathtaking product. You can also make chairs and small things using epoxy, but now tables and countertops are the trends. You can also have it lit from the inside, so what more can you ask for?.

Having a wood-based interior is no easy task. You will have to put in a lot of thoughts and efforts from the start. Like the type of wood to the number of polish coats the wood needs, everything has to be precise. It is a life long commitment as well, as you need to take good care of the wood if you wish to have it for long.  Because of this, almost everything you design will have to be custom made, which will probably increase the project’s cost. But, once you get to see the finals results, it will all be worth it. Moreover, it is a sustainable material that can go green and save the planet as you make your home beautiful. By all means, it is a win for you.


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