Ways to Increase Space in Small Room

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Moving into a small space is not such a big deal if you know what you are doing. All the myths and legends of having a cramped area in a small room are now a thing of the past. In the day we live in, it is easy to manipulate everything around us make it fit just the way we want it to. All it takes is a lot of imagination and the will to do something on your own. Be it a small bed in the city or an extra room you have which is relatively short from the rest of the house here are some to tips and tricks to make a small space look more prominent rather than the actual size.

There are many ways which you can use to enhance the overall space of the room. But this is one of the fun ways to do it. Though there are many other things you can do, these are some of the most common ways.



It’s probably one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it works like a charm every time. By adding mirrors in a small room, you get more light, and the refection of the place is a bonus. It creates an optical illusion making the room a bit big than it is.

Transparent partitions

Having partitions can make the room smaller as it takes up some space. When you are in a tight area, every inch matters, but you can have made the entire area seem like an open space by having a transparent partition. Ultimately, making the available space look bigger.


In all fairness, we have had the experience of imagining a room to be vast and disappointed when you see the place while booking rooms on any travel or hotel websites. And you have to thanks the lightning in the room for your disappointment. Be it natural light or artificial light; it gives a bright view to the room. You are, therefore, making it seem significant than the actual size of the room.


We all need furniture for our homes. Be it the living room, the dining, and kitchen, or even the bedroom, and there are ways of space for improvements when it comes to furniture. By adjusting the way you use your furniture or the way you have them placed, you can make a massive impact on the room’s overall space. In some instances, it is best to have custom-built furniture to create more space in a place. Here is how you can do it.

Multi-function bed

A bed is one space that takes in too much space in the room. So have it multi-functional can help you with some storage problem. It will indirectly result in having more space in the place as most of your stuff stays hidden within the bed.

  1. Headboard: a headboard is someplace where you can have all the decorative items that you wish to showcase. And since it is a part of the beds, you have more space on the shelves to keep other things.
  2. Under-bed storage: You can use this space to store all your clothes and bet items and even things you do use too often. This way, you have more space in your room as you can avoid having a closed in your bedroom.
  3. In-wall bed: since we do not have the use for a bed throughout the day, it tends to be a waste of space during day time. Having a bed and mattress that stays hidden inside the wall during the day and flop out during the night is a real game-changer in tight spaces.


Having a sofa that can turn it to bed is a boon if you wish to have more space in a small room. It can be for you or for guests that come in you having a sofa that also acts as a bed is a lifesaver. You can also use corner sofas to add more space while turning it into a bed.

Tables and chairs

Having custom-made chairs and tables that can fold or make into single or multiple pieces is a great way to make more space in your room. This way, you do not have to put up with the additional furniture when not in use.





Having doors that slid in instead of opening up is a great way to save space. By doing to you do have to worry about leaving room for the door to open. It allows you to use every inch around that door, a luxury in small and tight spaces.

Minimalist Design 

Toning down the size of things in the room, you can make the room look bigger. Having a queen-sized bed instead of a king, a two-seater couch instead of a three can make all the changes you look for in making your room look big.

Kitchen Countertops

A counter-top is a great way to add more space to your kitchen. It can act as a top for you to work on and virtually a dining table when needed. The ability to multipurpose is a great deal in small spaces, and this does that right.


A lot of space goes unused above the kitchen slab and tables in any room. By adding a cabin in such an area can increase the storage area in the house. Therefore you get more space in the place to add more furniture or tables that you might want to add in your room.

A small room in just like any other hurdle that you have to face when moving into a house. Like all things, it is possible to overcome this with ease if you know what you want and the way you want it. Use the advice of experts in such cases to avoid any mistakes which you might cause if you do it on your own. Besides, homes are home, and you want it to be perfect.



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