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Let us face it; not everyone is a big fan of the whole studio apartment life. First of all, it takes a lot to maintain it. Secondly, you need to do a lot to take it up a notch from looking like a storage area. Finally, it’s just a long hall with nothing in it. Well, this is what most of our perspectives are about moving into a studio apartment. But in reality, this might not be the case if you design and work around in a way it makes your life easy while making the room look great.

A studio apartment is like a blank canvas; all you need is some creativity. With that, you are ready to move into a world of awesomeness. Unlike a typical home, a studio apartment lets you do all sorts of creative interior decore that you may never see in a traditional home. So, here is how you can turn an empty studio apartment into a place like no other.

Know your needs

Priority is everything when you have an endless option to choose from. If you go on stuffing everything you need into an open space, you won’t have any space to move around. Moreover, it will make your home look like an endless trail of things that are strategically places not to disturb one another. We don’t want that to happen. Go with the most needed things, and that goes well with the rest of the house. F things have multiple purposes, the better. This way, you get more space to add other essential things that you might need. 

Shelves to the rescue

In a place like a studio apartment, shelves are all you have. Shelves have a wide range of applications, and its limitations are only with your imagination. From a bookshelf to a storage area, shelves can do everything. Depending on the type of shelf, you can use it to grow plants and showcase all your valuables. If you are looking for some privacy, you can also use shelves to divide the space into different room sections. This way, you have shelves on both sides of the section and a partition solving two problems in one. 

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In a large room like a studio apartment, lights are a tricky business. No matter what you do, finding the right amount of light with a single light source is difficult in a studio apartment. Unlike a conventional home, there are no walls to bounce back the lights, so the best option would be to have multiple small lights throughout. By doing so, you can have lights in designated spots and highlight the key areas in the apartment. Since these are small lights, you don’t use much power, and you can always turn off the lights in areas where you don’t want to conserve power. 

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Why leave the wall empty? 

When you are in demand for space, using every inch available is the best thing to do. Hanging things on the wall will leave you space on the floor, which you can use for other purposes. Liking hanging your television or a table that folds into the wall will eave you with space in the room. You can use this space for other accessories, which is a big deal in small places. If you wish to have a garden and do not have enough space on the floor, you can use the walls to create a floating garden that you can enjoy from within. The most common thing to get hung on a wall is the bicycle. They take a lot of room and can damage the thing that is kept near it. Hanging it on the wall will save a lot of trouble and give you some space while doing so. 

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Hidden storage is your best friend

When you live in a studio apartment, you will know how hard it is to hide all your unwanted things. Living in a studio apartment is like living in an open museum. Everything is on display, and there is no place to hide. To overcome this, having hidden storages is the way to go. Storage under your bed, inside your furniture, and even a hidden cupboard is a game-changer. This allows you to store things that you won’t need every day. Moreover, storing things away from plain sight makes the room look way more elegant and simple. If done properly, you will have a room full of space to showcase all your valuables and make it a complete home.

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Play with your bed

A bed can take up a lot of space in a home, and we all know this. This will not be such a huge problem when you have a dedicated bedroom in your house. But in a studio apartment, that is some valuable space that you might have to give up on. By adding a murphy bed that folds into the wall when not in use or building a shaft as your bedroom is the best thing to do. This is a no brainer as it frees up a lot of space for you to fit more things in a small apartment.

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Having a studio apartment is, in one way, the best place to live in. It gives you the liberty to be more flexible and change things according to your needs rather than getting stuck with defined rooms. The complication comes when you have not organized and designed your place to accommodate all your needs. Having someone with experience or professional help you out with this is something that is highly recommended. You can always style it out with fusion designs. Meaning you can bring in a touch of old to a modern interior design or vise versa. It all comes down to how you fuse all these incredible designs into a cohesive design in an empty room. Do not shy away from experimenting with new designs as they will prove to be more incredible than what you had in mind. 



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