Plant based interior design ideas

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Designing a house is no easy job. This task at hand seems more challenging if you wish to include plant life into your home interior. By stereotypes, we tend to think of having plants inside the house as apart of the house interior is a tedious task. Though to a certain level, it is true; it is not so horrifying as it seems to be. By knowing the right tips and tricks and the proper ways to integrate it into your house, you will be happy with the outcome no matter what. Besides, having plants inside your house has its perks that nothing else can even come close to. 

When going with a plant-based interior design, it comes down to the type of plants and their use in the house. But that can only happen after you have decided where and how you wish to use plants for the design. To help you with that, here are some design inspirations and ideas that will fit your needs and ideas for an ideal plant-based interior design.

Push it to the corners

We all have that one corner in our homes that does not seem to fit any furniture or home accessories. Even if you find something that fits, it still makes it look a bit awkward and takes away the room’s whole look. This is where a plant will come to your rescue. Choose tall plants with large leaves that do not outgrow your room is the key to solving this issue. Plants like the elephant’s ear, corn plant, bird of paradise will elevate the overall look of that room, especially that untamed corner. What they do is take away the imperfection of the corner as all the attention goes to the plants. This type of plant can also be used between two chairs or places where you can’t find anything that fits with the rest of the interior.  

Make it the main attraction

Plants can act as the perfect centerpiece for your house interior if you just let it do its thing. It is not always that the centerpiece you have in mind will go hand in hand with the rest of the interior. But when it comes to plants, you can count on it. The best part is that you have a wide variety to choose from and swap them if you got bored with it. While making plants as your main attraction in the room, make sure to use plants that blossom colorful flowers at the center of the room and plant with long leaves as they add ons around the room. This way, you have a complete feel for the smell and aesthetic beauty of a plant interior to its fullest.

Bring the garden inside

There are many ways to effectively bring your garden into the room while making the room look its finest. Garden is a big part of many individual’s identities, and in some cases, you may not be able to do it due to lack of space. In such cases, you can always bring in your plants and include them as a part of the interior design. You can add a shelf for plants at the back of your furniture so you can avoid all the background work and show off the beauty of the plants. You can also add a transparent wall as partition and fill you small plants inside them. This always you to access these plants whenever you want and have them not disturbed by anything else. Besides, they make up to be a unique wall like none other. 

Hang it like art

Any art piece gets its true value when it gets hanged on the wall. Like so, even plants can make your wall a piece of art. This is not something new to indoor plants as you might have this implementation at least once. You can hand in small plants onto a wall and make a simple looking wall into an elegant looking one. If you wish to have a wall, this looks like something out of a movie, and you can always have the entire wall filled with plants. Such implementation will act as a great centerpiece for your outdoor wall. Besides, you will always use this wall to take beautiful pictures with this as your background. One more way of hanging plants is from the ceiling. But take caution to avoid plants that need a lot of water and plants that can weight too much. 

Minimalism all the way

If all this seems like too much work yo you and if you are someone who cannot take it when a plant dies due to climatic changes, then this is for you. Add small orchids, bonsai, or even cactus plants in small pots throughout the house. There need not be a particular place for such plants as they do not take up too much space. Moreover, you can add any number of plants anywhere you want to want to. This is one of the most flexible ways of using plants for our house interior. These plants can go into your bookshelves, countertops, tea table, and even in the bathroom if you want them there. The best part is that not all plants of this category need too much attention, and you can enjoy them throughout the year no matter then climate outside. 

There is one more way to add plants into the house interior, but it is not the most recommended. You can go with artificial plants instead of the natural and avoid all the hassle that involves natural plants. But, artificial plants take away the true beauty of having natural plants inside the house. The natural plants make your mind calm by releasing sweet smells and the abundant oxygen supply than normal. It helps you be more energetic and active. It also provides aesthetic beauty that artificial plants can never do. Again, it all boils down to what type of plants you use and how it goes with the rest of the interior. So take some expert’ advice before you go purchase a lot of plants that do not go with your house interior. 


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