New year, new home interior and a new beginning!

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A new year or shifting to a new home is a new beginning for everyone and so is the New year. It’s time to make resolutions and commitments to yourself. What if you are helped to achieve your goals by your interiors? Seem like an outrageous idea. Let’s see what the research-based finding says about human psychology.

Making or Breaking a Habit

We all wish to develop a good habit and get rid off from bad ones. According to the author of “Atomic Habits” Mr. James Clear states the primary reason that humans believe in developing a habit rests only on motivation, and it is highly overrated. Motivation is a scarcity resource and goes away with resistance to the temptation. He further states that our change in habit is highly dependent on the environment we live in.


Say if you pledge to eat healthily this year and after but your fruits lie within the innermost compartment of your refrigerator, will you take the pains to reach in there and have it? If those same healthy foods residing on your kitchen counter and have easy access, your intention of having them will increase. These facts are based on years of research on human behaviours.

In another example, if you wish to become a writer, and you don’t have a proper secluded sitting at your home or workplace where you spend most of your time. It will be hard for you to urge yourself to write. Apparently, it will become much easier for you to sit in discipline if that desk which is visible from almost all the corners of your home yet secluded enough for you to think.

This is where the professional help on your interior design comes into play. Hiring a professional to do the makeover for your home will not only limited to aesthetics but more about functional aspects. This team of professionals not only take into account your design taste but also aspects like the nature of your work and lifestyle. They have successfully helped many families to achieve their goals and bringing prosperity to their abode.

Small Changes to Your Road to Success

As per Mr. James Clear, the road to success lies in small change per day (Typically 1% per day). This way you are not solely relying on motivation but to an unnoticed change by your body and mind. Changing a habit 1% per day doesn’t seem too much but over the course of a year it’s compounding makes you better at something as much as 37 times since you started.

Say if you wake up at 9:00 AM every morning and wish to change that. All you need to do is just set the alarm 2 minutes earlier from your previous day. This way the body will not fight back to restore that 2 minutes of sleep. If you keep going with this for the next 3 months, you will be seeing yourself waking up at 6:00 AM. This is the power of compounding.

There are other concepts like colour psychology which makes a tremendous impact on your moods. The use of prominent versions of red or warm colours might attribute to your increased energy and adrenaline levels. Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to such coloured spaces results in elevated heart rates which are not good in the long run of your life.

A professional would be well aware of the type, kind and lux levels of lightning. A finding states that if the surface lux level of your bedroom exceeds 500 lux, it might significantly affect your sleeping patterns. In one more study, it has been found that long exposure to low lux levels (100 lux) increases the likelihood of depression.

Look out for professional help while designing your home. If you are concerned about costs, look for the interior design brand who is completely transparent in their offerings, materials and scope of work. The cost of not having them on board will be much higher in the long run of your living.


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