False Ceiling: A perfect gateway to the Classy Look

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Breaking stereotypes is the new trend, and on the bright side, it gave some significant changes to the world as we know it. While every field is trying to bring in changes and make a statement for itself, interior designing is stealing the spot like in the best possible way. Like literally, spotlights are a thing for commercials and were seen that way for a long time. Things are not the same any more thanks to the increasing implementation of false sealing in homes all over the world.

The inclusion of false ceiling in homes has opened up a lot of options for people who are in for some added features in their homes. Though having a false ceiling is no stranger to home interiors, it got such significance not so long ago. With that said, if you are one of those people who is trying to incorporate some fails ceiling ideas in your home, here are some things that you need to know.

What is a false ceiling?

In layman terms, it is a hanging ceiling from your existing roof that provides added aesthetics and more insulation to the room. It also gives you the option to go wild with your imagination on the decor in front of the ceiling, rather than having a plain fifth wall in the room.

How to choose the perfect false ceiling for your room?

The answer to this is not as simple as the previous one. While choosing the false ceiling, there are many variables like that one has to take into account. But, that does not mean it’s hard choosing the one that suits your taste. So choose one from the following that seems most suitable for your room.

Plaster of Paris false ceiling: we all know what PoP is and have used it at least once. Given that obvious fact, you will know that it is easy to mold and does not take much time to set as well. One of the major benefits of choosing this type of false ceiling is that you can do crazy shapes. You also need not worry about the minor defects that may happen during installation as they are easily manageable. All these facts make this one of the most common false ceiling implementations in any sector.

Img Source: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/2c/dc/d6/2cdcd6bcd4a58aeddabf175e9ec6dfaf.jpg

Gypsum False ceiling: This is essentially the factory-made product of the PoP ceiling. They come in the form of boards that you can have in various shapes and sizes. This has one of the easiest installations of all the false ceilings. And it comes in plain white color, so it also gives you the opportunity to explore more with colors once the installations are over. You can also have textured, or gypsum boards with patters made ready for installation avoid having to do too much work once it gets installed.

Img Source: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/37/13/66/3713661bad7a8adb06916484d32d3205.jpg

Wood false ceiling: we all know how wood works. It is a piece of art by mother nature itself, and all we have to do is project its beauty in the best possible manner. The same goes for false ceiling using wood. Once you get that piece of wood onto your ceiling, you can stare at it as if staring at the night sky. But this type of ceiling does not come cheap. It costs a fortune, and there is not much you can do with it, but let it be the way it is. This makes it one of those rare collectables that not many people have.

Glass and metal false ceiling: This type of ceiling uses glass or metal, and in some cases, both of them combined. They are not so common for house interior as they cause a lot of heat inside the room.

These are the commonly used materials for any false ceiling works, but your options do not end there. There are methods that you can adapt to your taste and the size of the room.

Single-layered ceiling: It is when you have a constant surface just like a normal ceiling but made from one of the above materials. This is the most common in budget homes a sit costs less when compared to the other.

Img Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/822258844446308935/

Multi-layered ceiling: As per the names, you will have multiple layers of false ceiling. The best part id you can choose different materials for different layers. By doing so, you can add highlights to enhance each layer, just the way you want

Img Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/542824561332314951/

Plus-minus false ceiling: This is when you have various contours within a single layer of the false ceiling. Though it takes more time, the final output will be worth it. Like the multi-layered ceiling, you can also choose different materials for different parts of the ceiling. Still, they all come within the same layer. This type of ceiling is on the mid-high range in terms of price and difficulty in installation.

Coffered false ceiling: for people looking to have a chessboard style ceiling, this is the one for you. This type comes with frames with a hollow space within them. You can fill these hollow spaces with a variety of materials or use the same materials with the same pattern for a refined finish. You will feel like a kid in a toy store if you are going with this installation as the options to explore are second to infinity.

You can choose the material and the style of false that you want within your room. But keep in mind a false ceiling is for rooms with a higher ceiling height as the false ceiling would take one or two feet from the existing room height. And no one wants to be in a room where they hit the ceiling fan every time they raise their arms. Also, consider the interior design of the entire room while choosing the false ceiling as a bad choice could leave you in a room of regret. With all this, make sure to take expert advice before and during the design and installation of a false ceiling.


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