Design trends of year 2019

Design Trends of the year 2019

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1.  Sustainability

The term sustainability is not just a theory but it is more of a practice in the face of challenges we are with due to mass exploitation of the earth’s natural resources. In interior design, it is a way of living affecting everything an individual does. Now the question arises how to achieve this. It can be achieved through five main principles.

· Reduction of the energy and emission in the environment through efficient systems.

· Minimizing the distraction in the ecological, natural ion for production of necessities.

· Minimizing the consumption of environmentally harmful construction materials.

· Recycling natural resources and reducing waste.

· Design for longevity and flexibility.

2.  Biophilia

Biophilia is the art of incorporating nature into our built environment and designing spaces that help humans connect to their surroundings. A space comes to life when natural elements like wood and water are introduced into the system which stimulates thinking and design exploration. It further reduces stress, improves cognitive thinking and creativity thus creating a multi sensorial experience. Natural light, vegetation, living walls, natural textures and materials are some of the contributors to biophilic design.

3.  Millennial Pink

Gone are the days of girly pink, today’s millennial pink is strong and bold. The color that had more of feminine qualities had grown up into a more refined, restrained hue. The color is super versatile and can be paired up with almost any color to give a pretty exquisite look. It will give your space a more vibrant and bright touch and at the same time giving it a feeling of a calm environment. A touch of gold or rose gold accents creates a win win situation.

 4.  Floral Everything

Floral patterns have been a part of the staple diet of interior design for ages. But one needs to be careful enough as floral patterns are difficult to implement so as to not overdo it. If you love nature and want your space to be ever blooming all year round, using floral patterns is a great idea. You can incorporate floral patterns into your space through furniture, artwork, rugs, cushions, bed linen, curtains, wallpapers, etc.  

5.  Terrazzo

Originating 500 years ago, this composite material of marble chippings set into cement was created as a way to reuse the scrapped rock. Traditionally sold as flooring, terrazzo has become a much more versatile material with its introduction into producing furniture, decor, kitchen tables, etc. It is not only restricted to hard materials but the print itself is being used as wallpaper, curtains and upholstery nowadays. The best part of terrazzo is that it is a highly sustainable material.

6.  Poster Beds

Often referred to as the King of Beds or the Bed of Kings, reference of Poster Beds dates back to the 14th Century. Through times it has evolved itself to suit the compact, contemporary homes. But 2019 saw a comeback of a fresher contemporary look to the poster beds for people seeking grandeur and luxury in their spaces. Poster beds originally made with wood has now seen materials such as steel, glass, bronze, etc in its composite element.

7.  Matt Black

How would you feel visualizing all your walls colored with black? It might come to our mind as a dark depressing color but the all new sophisticated matt black has a moody and seductive vibe. From bedrooms to living rooms, from kitchens to bathrooms, 2019 has seen a steady rise in the use of matt black walls, furniture, décor, upholstery, cutlery and what not. It might seem an unusual choice in the era of bright spaces with subtle pastel colors, but it has surely found its space in interiors as a dominant, bold and daring choice.  

8.  Jewel Tones & Metal Accents

Maybe you are a die-hard fan of multi-faceted saturated colors depicting sapphires, emeralds and rubies but use of such colors could be too intimidating in your spaces when not used in the right proportion or combination. If you crave for colors and want to make your space vibrant, decoration it with jewel tones is the way. But they should be balanced with neutral soft muted hues to create a sense of balance. From throws to pillows on the sofa to the sofa itself, from colorful vases to rugs, from accent walls to chandeliers jewel tones can play the trump card to lift your interiors and make spaces talk by itself.

9.  Artisanal Fixtures

Handcrafted elements add authenticity and a unique identity to a space. There is something about a handcrafted light that has been molded and formed with the utmost care and precision. This process results in every item being different from the other, thus giving it a unique identity. From lights to décor items, artisanal fixtures helps shift the eye’s focus around the room creating a comforting and inviting feeling.

10.   Painted Ceilings

When we think about paint, the first thing that strikes our mind is the walls in a room. We never think about the ceiling as the staple color of a ceiling is a neutral color such as white. 2019 has seen the rise in painting ceilings with colors a well as experimentation with several other materials, textures and wallpapers. It is not any more the most neglected part of a space. A well curated ceiling gives way for the walls and all other elements in a space and adds dimension in a refreshing and surprising way.

11.   Bar Crafts

Setting up a booze station is the most trending idea one could ever think. Gone are those days where going out to a bar was fun. People now prefer drinking at home getting comfortable in their pajamas or even throw a house party. A small bar counter accompanying the kitchen or an adjacent wall is a dominant interior trend of 2019. It’s a killer set-up in home interiors nowadays.

12.   Hygge

Hygge is more of a mental state than a physical one. It can be described as a sense of comfort and warmth and welcoming feeling a space gives to you. Hygge is a concept which develops with the help of a number of elements present in an interior design setup. It’s the feeling of taking a hot bath, to enjoy morning coffee in bed on a winter morning, the aroma and the natural light of candles. Cozy soft furnishings, neutral color walls, candles, warm lighting, plants, a wooden flooring can be elements which creates a sense of comfort and hygge.

13.   Big Bold Plants

As much as we love a small arrangement such as a terrarium, small potted succulents or a tabletop flower arrangement, large indoor plants and trees can add so much to a space through its lush green color. Big bold plants have become a favorite in interior spaces, where, apart from contributing to the aesthetic value of the space it also helps in overall health improvement since they absorb indoor pollutants and at the same time improves our concentration power.


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