Colors of 2021- Make Your Dream Home Trending

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Every year gets its own colour. This has become a trend for a really long time now that it has become an integral part of every trendy industry around the new year’s. Luckily this year has two colours which make the year 2021 even more awesome. Because of this, you will be able to play with colours by having either one of these two colours or combine them both and playing around them. Be it the fashion industry or the designing industry this is something that they all feel great about. The best part is that the colours are some of the universal ones. With that said the two colours for the year 2021 are grey and yellow. So if you are an interior designer or someone who is looking to renovate your home. Here is how you can work with the colour of the year 2021.

Living Room

Although there are a lot of combinations you can try with the colour yellow and grey it will be wise if you could use just those two colours as the primary ones. This way you will have the entire room highlighted and can add colours like blue, black and white as highlights to elevate the overall look of the room. Moreover, a living room that looks has a light tone to it will make the room look brighter and bigger. You can also add in live plants to add more vibrance and contrast to the room all while having a cohesive design aspect to it.


Unlike the living room, the bedroom is more of personal space and this is essentially the place that you will be most comfortable in. so adding in the colour yellow and grey maybe a hurdle if they are not your first choice. But you can always incorporate either one of these two colours and add in other elements of your liking. If you wish to have yellow and grey as the base tone then you can have the room segmented and decorate each segment with one of the colours to have a contrasting yet complete design. 


A kitchen is one of the easiest places where you can bring in the colour grey and yellow. Since the kitchen is a place where you will need to have a happy and energetic atmosphere the colour yellow is perfect for it. While the grey is great for highlighting all the elements in the kitchen, you can’t go wrong with this combination. To add on yo also always add white edges or borders to all the little elements of the kitchen to make the colours pop up even more. Making the kitchen a great place to hang in. 


This is quite the trickster. When you think of a bathroom interior grey and yellow are not the first colours that you will want to choose. But adding in small elements and accessories that have a grey or yellow shade to it with a white or black background is something that you can look into. You can also make the flooring or the vanity in grey if you wish to have these colours as the major part of that room.


These are some of the suggestions that you can use to decorate your home with the colours of the year 2021. Like any design work, there are no defined ways on how you can go about it and it all depends on individual preferences. So it will be a wise decision if you could go with multiple suggestions and references before finalising your design. And the other important thing you need to do if you are planning to do this on your own is to get an expert’s advice. As the colour of the home can make or break the look and feel of it so you do not want to make a mess with that. 


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