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9 ways to brighten up your Living before this Diwali

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The festive season is knocking on the door and every time you look at your living room it might come to your mind that how can you turn around that space of yours at a minimal cost.

We all want our houses to look as if it is coming out of a design magazine book but budget stands in the way of your dreams. In this post we present you ways in which you can turn around your space that would not pinch your pocket.

Change Furniture Layouts

Moving furniture around the house is a fun and free thing to do when you want to turn around your space with zero investment. Shifting your sofa or rearranging its units among different walls makes a difference and throws a new vibe to the space.

Accessorize with Floor & Pendant Lamps

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to decorate your space, paper pendant and floor lamps are a perfect idea. Such lighting options also come in fabric coverings and can totally turn around your space adding that awe – factor.

New Upholstery

You do not need to buy new expensive furniture to do a makeover of your space. Instead changing upholstery such as sofa covers, cushion covers, curtains, throws and pillows would be a wise idea that can add value to your existing furniture.


Mirrors help your space look brighter and bigger and add drama to your space.


Plants are one of the cheapest options for adding a fresh vibe to your space. The refreshing feeling and visual comfort that comes from plants cannot match with any other makeover trick.

Re-purpose Furniture

When space is limited and you have loads of junk to be dumped out of your house, think of ways you can re-purpose that old trunk or a cycle Tyre which might play a big role in turning around your space with minimum investment.

Candles and Flowers

Aroma candles and flowers look classy and rich when put on a surface such as a coffee or a console table. It elevates the mood of the space through its aroma and fragrances.

Switch Carpets

Switching carpets is a trick that people are unaware of, that brings a change in  aesthetic value of a place and the best part is it comes at zero cost.

Make your own Art

Every human being is creative in its own way. Make your own art and add a personalized or customized touch to your interiors. Even photocopies art looks sophisticated when framed and hung on the wall.


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