8 design ideas to make your kitchen more efficient

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Kitchen is the busiest space in our home. From breakfast to dinner, there is always the hustle and bustle in the kitchen. So it is imperative to design the kitchen efficiently. Here are eight ideas about how you can do it.

1) Keep in mind the distance

When going for maximum organisation, location is the first step to getting it right. An efficient kitchen keeps the distance between your main work stations as short as possible.  A well-designed triangle layout isn’t too cramped, but shouldn’t take you too many steps to move from one point to the next.

2) Work zones

To have an active organisation, divide your kitchens into five distinct stations – each with their purpose. There is a cleaning station, the preparation station, the cooking station, the food storage station and the non-food storage station.

3) Tall unit

A tall unit is one of the most practical ideas for kitchen storage. It saves a lot of space and stores a lot of your necessities.

4) Light your kitchen properly

Lighting is critical in the kitchen, where you’ll need proper general and task lighting for washing, chopping and cooking food. Some examples can include recessed ceiling lights on a dimmer that can adjust to your needs, decorative pendant lamps over an island for additional ambient and task lighting, and under-cabinet as well as interior cabinet lights.

5) Hang it up

If you have a particularly small kitchen, this kitchen storage tip could be a real life-saver. If you have the wall space and hooks for it, you could hang your frequently used pots, pans, whisks and spatulas near your cooking station. Not only will this save you valuable kitchen cabinet storage space, but allow you to reach your preferred cooking tools quickly.

6) Keep your counters clutter-free

Kitchen counters should be off-limits for any type of storage except a canister with wooden spoons and spatulas and a knife block. Keeping a clean workspace will optimise your cooking workflow and avoid any awkward preparation or accidents.

7) Mirror as a backsplash

Mirror the walls to make a small kitchen feel more abundant. You can use a mirror instead of tiles.

8) Avoid bulky hardware

Skip bulky hardware on your cabinetry and drawers. It’ll help your space look more spacious and sleek.


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