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7 things to keep in mind before designing your Bedroom

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There are several things to keep in mind before you start with the interior design of your bedroom. Here is the list of top seven important things you must consider before getting started.

1. Function

The functionality of space becomes the most important factor in determining the aesthetics and forms which becomes the part of that particular space. So before designing a bedroom one should keep in mind the needs and desires of its end-user, his/her hobbies and the activities he/she is going to perform there and for what amount of time. A kids’ or a teenagers’ bedroom should ideally have a study area with storage for books while at the same time having a television inside it would not be considered a great deal.

Functional requirement of design

2. Overall Theme of other areas of your Home

It is easy to become too engrossed in designing your bedroom that you tend to forget the overall theme of other areas of your residence such as the living or dining. There should be a sense of rhythm between all the areas of your space so that every part of your residence connects to the other. However, this consistency should be accompanied by some amount of contrast through proper transitions so as to not make it boring.

Overall Theme of other areas of your Home

3. Privacy

A bedroom is a space which is very well synonymous with the word privacy. The privacy should not be compromised in a bedroom. It is the part of a residence which is designed keeping in mind the personal whims, fancies and needs of its user which needs some amount of seclusion from the other areas for proper functioning.

Privacy in bedroom interior design

4. Storage with Creativity

Clothes, jewellery, important documents, handbags, bedsheets and the list goes on for things you need to store in your bedroom. But these items need to be beautifully and properly arranged, so as to make it accessible, clutter-free and avoid confusion. Apart from functionality, storage units should be aesthetically appealing and in sync with the overall design of the bedroom.

Storage with Creativity

5. Amount and Adjustment of Light

Lighting is an important component of interior design. The amount of natural and artificial lighting affects the overall ambience of your bedroom. The colours, textures, materials and décor you put in your bedroom would not bloom or come out without the use of proper lighting. The size and location of windows, the position of built-in lighting and its placement makes a difference in the overall design of the room. Last but not the least the power and intensity of lighting should be adjustable as different activities are performed at different hours of the day in your bedroom.

Amount and Adjustment of Light

6. Colour Palette and Visual Comfort

A bedroom requires calm and subtle colours so as to not create the wrong amount of noise and make people feel uncomfortable or distracted. But such subtle and neutral colours should also be accompanied by small doses of contrasting hues through its upholstery and décor so as to not make it a boring setup. What mood do you want to create in your bedroom is an important factor in deciding the colour of your bedroom. If you love bright and bold colour and you cannot use it for your bedroom for it being too loud, go for toned-down versions of it. For e.g. use mauve if you love the colour of an eggplant and contrast it with some jewel-toned upholsteries to help set up the mood.

Colour Palette and Visual Comfort in bedroom interior design

7. Comfort

It might be one of the last things that come to your mind but comfort should not be underestimated. Your bedroom environment should help you quickly transit to rest. The most important part of it is the mattress. One should be very careful and selective before buying the mattress as the bed is the focal point of a bedroom. Apart from that the textures, materials, draperies and upholstery should also talk about comfort and keep in mind factors such as noise, temperature and lighting.

comfort in bedroom interior design


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