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7 Things to keep in mind before designing your dream kitchen.

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There are a lot of factors which needs to be considered to design a kitchen which is functional as well as it doesn’t miss on aesthetics. Designing and executing a kitchen can pinch your pocket, be stressful and time consuming if all the small things are not prior to its execution. Through this blog, we want to make sure that you don’t miss upon the important factors which must be taken into consideration before designing a kitchen. 

1. Plan the Layout

Planning the layout of the kitchen is the most important step in designing your dream kitchen. It is the foundation of a good kitchen as it determines the traffic movement, the work triangle, key distances and ergonomics.

Nowadays modular kitchens come in 4 basic layout styles, namely C-shaped style, L-shaped style and Parallel style and U-shaped style or Island style. While all styles have their basic space requirements, the common thing between all these styles is that they all ensure proper work triangle, traffic flow. The most important component is the position of the sink, the cooking area and the refrigerator, whether they complement each other and increase its efficiency. 

2. Appliances

It is very difficult to accommodate and access electronic appliances if the kitchen is not planned properly. It is very important to choose and prioritize what appliances you are going to buy for your kitchen and be aware of their sizes and placements in the kitchen before you start your kitchen get executed. 

3. Accessorize

When creating a storage space, personalize the compartments by creating differently-sized sections for both the utensils and the gadgets. As creating kitchen cabinets only for spices and another foodstuff would not be enough as modular kitchen appliances such as a juicer, mixer grinder and so on also need space.  Add kitchen furniture such as pantry tall units or pullouts to store food, multiple bottles. Even the addition of sectional drawers to stock spoons, knives would be beneficial. The modular modern kitchen concept indeed allows one to design the kitchen to fit in their own working process and rather not the other way around.

4. Surface Materials and Finishes

When one thinks about making a modular kitchen, the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind is about storage and cabinets. Apart from its functional element, it also adds to its aesthetic value and gives your kitchen a unique personality. 

Finishes such as acrylic, membrane foils, polymers, laminates are most used for surface finishes and they all have their pros and cons depending on their aesthetics, durability and pricing. You can also get materials such as natural or lacquered wood, granite, metals such as aluminium but be wise enough to choose what suits you and your needs.

5. Cabinetry Blocks and Overhead Cupboards

The biggest mistake people make at the planning stage of the kitchen is not allowing for enough storage. It is advised to use every nook and corner, putting into consideration overhead cabinets right up to the ceiling rather than leaving a gap on top which becomes a happy space for dust to accumulate. Put stock of all the things you need to accommodate in your cabinets, from utensils to electronics in advance so as to avoid declutter your countertops.

6. Power Supply and Points

We don’t want you to regret as to not having enough electric points in your kitchen to run electronic appliances after you have made a swanky kitchen. It is very important to plan in advance what all electronic appliances you want to use and their placement in the kitchen so as to leave electronic supply points in advance. 

7. Don’t forget the backsplash

Talking about all the functional things that come in mind in designing a kitchen, we might forget the importance of the backsplash and how it adds to the aesthetic value of the kitchen. Apart from being the cherry on the cake for your kitchen, the backsplash also makes it easier to clean up the mess after cooking.


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