7 ideas to freshen-up Balcony decor

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Your balconies are such an essential part of your home to enjoy those pretty views and sunsets. To make your gallery even more appealing to your eye as well as practical here are some freshen-up ideas for your balcony décor.       

1) Simple vertical garden

Vertical gardens are so much in trend and have become so common. You can give a little twist to the vertical garden by having a bamboo wall. Bamboo is a gorgeous plant and adds a fresh vibe in the space. A small sofa, a coffee table and a bamboo wall would make a balcony a perfect place for an afternoon tea or whatever you like!!

2) Turf glass floor

With the kind of houses we live in today, it’s tough to have a separate garden in such case, what could be better than having a pinch of greenery in your balcony itself. An artificial grass rug and several planters with little flowers in them would make your terrace a small urban garden.

3) Rugs in your balcony

A carpet can help you make your gallery appear roomier, and with the right print, it could create the illusion of bigger space.

4) Deck flooring

 Deck flooring will give your balcony a chic look. Chairs should be lightweight so you can move them around but comfy enough to sit in them for a while.

5) Bar in the balcony

If you are someone who wants to have a bar in your room and have less space in your home for the same, you can use your balcony. A wine cooler could become a mixing station, and several shelves could hold all those glasses.

6) Hanging chair

Who doesn’t love a hanging chair in the home? The hanging chair will be attractive statement furniture for your balcony with some planters and will become your favourite spot in your home

7) Hanging planters

Hanging planters look so unconventional and beautiful they can add an instant chic element in your balcony.


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