7 creative ideas to partition dining area

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Not every home has a separate dining area; most of the houses have combined dining and living area in such cases you can divide your space by adding a partition in between. Here are seven innovative ideas of portioning your living and ding area.

1) Swing as a partition

A very unconventional way to divide your living and dining is to have swing as the partition. Not only it will share the space but also become a statement piece and your favourite seating spot in the living room.


2) Transitional Flooring

It is not always necessary to have a vertical partition to divide the space. You can use the flooring of both the area, and it will give the illusion that you have separate area for both the purpose.

3) Planters partition

If you are someone who loves greenery in your home, then you can have a wooden partition with the space to put planters in it. It will give the perfect pinch of greenery in your home.


4) Partition with storage

You can have a partition multifunction partition with storage space. It will serve both the purpose of dividing the area as well as storing your essentials

5) Decking

It’s not essential to have a physical partition. You can just raise the living room by 6 to 10 inches by adding add one or two steps.

6) Jali cutting partition

If you don’t like to have those large partition in your space, then these CNC partitions with a finish of your choice is the perfect option for you.

 7) Glass partition

If you have small space and you want to divide your living and dining the glass partition is perfect for you. Glass gives an illusion of bigger space without occupying much of it.



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