6 things to keep in mind before choosing lights for your home

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When you think of designing your home, keep in mind its ambience and flow and harmony depends on a very important but not so much discussed factor called lighting. Every individual has a very different idea about kind of lights would suit their space but there are some ground rules one should adhere. In this blog, we would talk about 6 things one should keep in mind before choosing lights for your home.

1. Functionality

What function does the light provide in your space? Is it for global illumination or for subtle lighting options? If space is used for relaxing, subtle lights with low intensity and warm tone would be recommended but when it comes to areas like the kitchen you need task lights to illuminate specific points of the workstation. So very importantly lighting needs to serve a purpose, or it is simply wastage of electricity.

2. Size matters


Before you commit to a specific kind of light or a lighting fixture you need to check the dimensions of the room and as well as the lighting fixture. There should be sufficient space for the light to fit properly and should be in sync with the proportions of the room.

3. Direction

Lighting has 2 functions, mainly general illumination and highlighting specific elements in a space. Lighting could be hung from the ceiling, placed on the floor or some furniture but the direction in which the light is thrown should be according to the purpose it wants to serve. For eg. hanging lights with adjustable necks can be pointed at specific elements, such as a wall painting, a vase of flowers on an entryway table or a bar top or a kitchen island.

4. Mood

An important thing to remember is what kind of mood you want to create. Do you want a calm environment or a contemporary sophisticated one or even a romantic feel? The intensity and the color of the light used in a space help in creating moods and an identity of its own.

5. Color scheme of Space

Color schemes of spaces and the color of the lights used in that space should go hand in hand. They should complement each other and the lighting environment thus created should uplift the colors and textures used in that particular space.

6. Intensity

The intensity of light in a space is another important factor that needs consideration. The purpose of the room should be kept in mind and what mood needs to be set. For eg. bedrooms generally have dim lighting because that is where we relax and calm ourselves down, whereas workspaces like offices or kitchens have bright ambient lighting.


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