5 trending interior designs styles of 2021

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If you are planning on building a new home or simply looking to upgrade the one that you are in now. Then there are a lot of variables that you need to consider before putting things to motion. One of the most important things is the interior of the house. It is most likely that you spend more time inside the house, so it’s only logical that you have it up to date and feel stylish and comfortable at the same time. So here are some of the trendy interior concepts and designs that will make a statement in the year 2021.

Fusion design

Thanks to how great the industry is designing itself, it has now become a trend to infuse industry like designing into house interior. Adding in things like rustic heavy duty chairs, huge ceiling lights, big bold tables are all becoming a part of the house now. Though they add a touch of quirky ruggedness to the house it also makes the interior look bold and fashionable. But it takes a lot to bring in all these components into one cohesive looking design idea. Once you get it done you won’t believe your own eyes. 


Grey tone

The color grey is going to be one of the most seen colors in the year 2021. This is thanks to how much interior influencers gas pushed this need to have a bit of grey with almost all their design. A little grey in a room will elevate the overall look of the room and give it a whole new dimension. This was not the case the year back when grey seems to be leaving the market. But as things took a huge turn the interior design world looks completely different now. 


Light wood 

It is safe to say that wood with a lighter tone to it will be the one that is most used in the year 2021. Being a light color it pops up the room and makes it look brighter. It also gives space for adding contrasting texture and color to it and still end up with great designs. Though this seems like a great idea for any interior it takes a lot to maintain it in pristine condition. Ulike the darker tone of wood that does not show too much of wear, while a light tone wood does. So it’s essential that you keep an eye on it at all times 


Face line art

Face line art is when you have a face drawn all with one continuous line. This gives the pattern a trendy and modern look that we find in most places now. In general, faces as patterns have had a huge impact over the design and fashion industry this year and the year before that. So it’s likely to stay with us for a bit longer while something as quirky as this pops up out of nowhere. You can use this face line art as a wallpaper pattern or an image that you want to hang on the walls. You can also have it made into a sculpture of your desired size and place in your house. The only limitation in your images, and this is basically art it only makes sense. 


Statement pieces

Like all great things has at least one flaw in them. The flaw itself can act as the centerpiece in this style of interior designing. When all the other parts of the room go well with each other and you get one complete look and something that is not suited for that room and make it the centerpiece. It also helps if it’s quite big in size and is of a contrasting color to the nature of the room. This will add a lot of character to the room and make the pieces stand out and speak  for itself. But knowing what you are doing is the key to pulling this trick off. As this could totally be considered as a misplaced item or sore to the eye. So finding that balance is the key to making this work. 




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