13 Unique Wall Paneling Ideas to put charm in bedroom

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When we are designing our home, our bedroom is one of the main focus, it is a space where we spend our maximum time after a long tiring day from work. So, it has to feel good, to feel good it has to look good, simple!

Nowadays, there are ample amount of ways in which we can design our bedrooms keeping apart fancy furniture and opulent chandeliers, like wall paneling, wallpapers, wall moulding, wall murals, cladding etc.

Wall paneling is one of the favorite methods of enhancing the space among designers as well as clients. It  is basically a wall covering that is for both decorative and technical purposes. They are easily installed and highly durable but needs time to time maintenance.

Wall paneling can easily uplift a dull space making it look very charming and attractive. Usually it is done on the accent wall in the bedroom that is behind the bed, making it the focal point. Following are some unique wall paneling ideas for your inspiration!

1) Metal and the glass

Super clean lines, earthy colour palette, the sleek bed, the gorgeous black pendant lights and, the vertical metal and glass wall panels are creating such magic in this space, anyone can go ga-ga over! Even though not having many intricate details, still this wall paneling is looking so attractive in this contemporary yet luxurious bedroom.

2. Go minimal

Simple yet so beautiful, this wall paneling is an epitome on how with too less you can achieve a lot. Accentuated with three colourful paintings, spot lights, and pairing up with upholstered beige panels, this whole piece of work is a mark of sophistication with minimalism.

3. Include mirrors

Looking so gorgeous and expensive, these mirror wall panels are no less than delight to the eye. Other than aesthetic purposes, mirrors are also used to create an illusion that makes the space looks bigger and wider, here these panels are serving the same.

4. Choose a theme

When it comes to designing, the sky is the limit! Here how beautifully the designer has created this underwater theme only with this wall panel and one art piece. With browns and muted greys, these black wooden panels are giving a great creative boost to this décor!

5. Think of rich old styles

Another design classic, a mughal style arch with red velvet upholstered panel behind the headboard is making such a beautiful feature in this room, this focal point is putting such a charm with undeniable attraction and opulence in this bedroom.

6. The popular hexagons

These hexagon wooden tiles are giving this room a great aesthetic ravishment. With a pinch of beauty, simplicity and a lot of masculinity, this room is one of the fine examples of good and balanced designing.

7. Merge the art

Such a good example of beauty with functionality, here the wooden wall paneling  is covering a small section of the wall which is going straight upto the ceiling to serve as a tray light and is further decorated with traditional Indian motifs that are painted in the same colour as of the wall panel, making this paneling a statement piece.

8. Cover two sections

 Here is a concept where the wall paneling is covering the wall in such a way that is covering two spaces, the bed and the seating area in this bedroom. With such masculine colour palette and dramatic LED strip lighting, the wall paneling looks so classy and elegant.

9. Wall panels that are storage units

Not just for the aesthetics, wall paneling can also be used for storage purposes. These are the storage units as well as the wall panels, pairing up with spot lights  and creating a beautiful accent wall behind the headboard.

10. The offbeat concrete 

Trying to incorporate a rustic look, here the designer has created wall panels using concrete. The circle cut outs with the lamps on side tables, is creating such a 3D effect on this wall, making this wall paneling one of a kind.

11. Combine two different materials

You can have wall panels made of any material until it’s durable and aesthetically pleasing. Here horizontal-grooved wooden wall panels are complimented with powder coated vertical metal panels, with LED strip lighting beautifully highlighting the amalgamation, making it almost impossible to not to adore this bedroom.

12. Go Hollywood-style

When we are talking about wall paneling, how can we ignore luxury! Bathed in richness, this upholstered wall paneling is so chic and glam, making us fall in love with velvet all over again.

13. Using just stones

These acoustic wall panels are so beautiful and giving the room a very artsy appearance to it. Stonehenge walnut flooring and the mauve walls are creating such sleek yet dramatic look. This paneling is one of the finest examples of contemporary combining rustic design style. The asher king bed is very simple, yet making the room look very expensive.

Above are few of the finest examples of wall panels that are infusing great beauty and charm in the bedrooms, making them look extraordinary. You can experiment the above listed designs with any materials such as wood, metal, fabric, pvc, mdf, vinyl etc. Wall panels not only add a warmth in a space but also put a character into it.
So, ditch those simple lifeless walls, and put some drama into your bedroom with such unique wall panels.


By Sanchiitaa Bhatnagar


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