13 Interesting Color Combinations To Use in The Kitchen

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There used to be an era in the home designing when Kitchens were not given so much importance. Designing was just limited to neutral color palettes with mundane browns and beige’s , black granite for counter top and white ceramic tiles.

But, with the introduction of open and modular kitchens, people started experimenting with shades, tones, materials, accessories and what not! This design consciousness brought smarter choices.Hence, colors started to become an integral part along with space planning and designing.

The right color combinations will make the space look warm and welcoming, and on the other hand bad combinations can create design disasters too. Below are the few finest yet extraordinary color combinations for your kitchens worth experimenting.

1. Grey and Peach

A kitchen that is brimming with style. These days people are loving grey color palettes, be it any space. To break grey’s somberness here, peach terrazzo stone is used on the splash back which is further accentuated with strip lighting. Grey being the dominant color in this color scheme, still peach is popping out like a star. 

2. Pistachio Green and Brown


A green kitchen, sounds like an insane idea, isn’t it? But it can outshine other cool colors if used in a sensible way. In this kitchen a very undertone pistachio green is used, that is teaming up with chic black and white patterned tiles on the splash back. Furthermore, bright brown wooden laminates on the cabinets to cut the stodginess, what an intelligent designing.

3.  Peach and White

A very interesting color scheme where the creamy peach is complimenting the serene white. A kitchen that gives off a vibe of vibrancy and calm at the same time. The cabinets and the pantry are bathing in yummy peach, while muting the remaining palette. All in all, a chic space.

4. Salmon Pink and Black


Pink is a very versatile color with many shades and variations to select from. A color of romance and love, Pink is not just limited to bedrooms, you can use it in your cook area too. This is a kitchen where a very calming salmon pink is in the combination with a bold black, a combination one will go ga-ga over. A space with a glam character and an air of sophistication.  

5. Black Matte and Wood Texture








Gone are the days when people use to fear how and where to use the classic black in their interiors. This neutral color has now stepped into the kitchen area too. Having an aura of sophistication and opulence, this is a kitchen that can be a little out of your comfort zone. Brown cabinets adding more blaze to the space, a kitchen that is having a lot of style and allure. 

6. White and Wood Texture

A very simple yet beautiful color scheme, where the conventional browns are used with pretty serene white. White is one of the favorite colors to use in kitchen areas as it gives off a very cohesive look that unifies the space perfectly. So elegant and calm, yet white can be very boring if you don’t know which other colors to use as pop-outs or accents colors. Here in this kitchen, white with brown is working out very convincingly, that is  breaking the mundane but also emanating a charm. 

7. Pale Blue, White and Yellow

If you are fan of contemporary modern spaces, then you must choose a color palette that is elegant and charming. Pale blue on the cabinets, marble tiles on the splash back, sparkle of golden hardware, the chevron patterned wooden flooring and yellow as a pop-up, an utterly gorgeous space, isn’t it? Above all, there is some subtle sophistication to the space.

8. Brass & Pink

Such an artistic piece of creation, brass cabinets, pink concrete island bench and green marble splash back. A kitchen so bold and chic. Here, the designer has wooed everyone with such out of box thing. In other words, it’s one of a kind. This whole design composition is no way near to those mundane kitchens that have no character. 

9. Go Eclectic

How can we ignore eclectic style, something that is always irresistibly bold. This design is such a cheerful amalgamation of color with graphics, making a very happy style statement. Going bold with designs is never a problem if you understand how to balance other elements in the frame.

10. Crimson and Brass

Another bold yet adventurous piece of art. Here the designer has not shied away from using bold crimson and making it as the dominating shade, further mixing many textures and materials in this space. Usually, working with reds or it’s shades can be tricky as it sucks up the light from the room, so avoid using it on walls, but you can accentuate other elements with it like cabinets, splash backs or carpets.

11. Yellow and Grey

It’s a classic example of how opposite attracts. Grey being very sombre, the designer of this kitchen has combined it with happy mushy yellow, making this kitchen a showstopper. Contrast is used here to make this colour scheme very aesthetically pleasing.

12. Color Blocking

Color blocking is a concept in fashion and design in which contrasting colors or materials are used to make something look interesting and unusual. This amazing kitchen has the same concept where the designer has popped out few bright contrasting colors on the cabinets, making the white look so interesting as the base color.

13. Geometric patterns with Turquoise Green and Salmon Pink

Now that’s what you call a very unpredictable design. Here the designer has gone a step ahead with her design choices. She combined a black and white geometric pattern with contrasting green and pink. Hence, creating a captivating feature.

Above listed are some eye catching color combinations you can opt while designing your kitchens. With these colors, you can play with plenty of durable materials on back splash , cabinets and flooring. So avoid having those unadorned and colorless kitchens, and go bold with adventurous yet sensible color schemes.  Happy Cooking !


By Sanchiitaa Bhatnagar


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