13 Creative ideas for kids room decor

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Designing a playful kid’s bedroom seems a little bit difficult for some parents. Understanding the kids’ characters is the primary key in creating their bedrooms. Besides that, to match the room style with the whole style of the house is another essential homework to do, considering the style and interest, as well as the affordability of the furniture, might be additional issues.

Here are some tips on how you can use your kids’ room their favourite zone

1) A Lot of Colors

Everyone will appreciate a good pick-me-up when there’s a hard task ahead. Bright colours can instantly perk up the room. This streamlined and farmhouse themed homework zone is modern, functional and perky!

2) Comfy Floors

Kids like mixing fun and learning. Play is also a handy learning tool. Clean and comfy floors are recommended for study rooms for younger kids. Adding fun colours and shapes make the room stimulating.

3) Fun Shelves

Shelves are must-haves for office or homework zones where you tend to have lots of stuff – papers, files, gadgets and supplies. This imaginative and trendy shelving keeps the place tidy and organised and adds a fun element to the room.

4) Corner Nook

Install a study area for your young student right in his or her bedroom. This smart and functional study corner is smallish but makes up with its ample storage and efficient design.

5) Double Decker Bed and Study Desk

Teens and older students need more storage and space. That also goes true to their study areas. While it is not always possible to give them bigger rooms, it is easy to build and install this bed and study area combo.

6) Wall Calendar

Here is an elegant combination of the modern and the classic elements of design. The nailhead accents add a quirky lift to the rather generic desk. The wall is made functional with the addition of a chalkboard calendar. Smart!

7) Desk and Bed Combo

The space-efficient layout of this bedroom is perfect for small spaces. Teens who love spending time inside their bedrooms will enjoy ample space for study, a dedicated area for the bed and the innovative arrangements.

8) Closet Homework Station

Turn a closet into a homework station, instantly. Just take out the stuff in it. A closet already has shelves that you can use as a desk and storage. You can easily lock it up when you’re away.

9) A Prodigy’s Room

Some kids need their own space. If your child prefers to study on his own, install his study area in his room. The desk and storage tucked next to the closet. It’ll give them the privacy and space they need.

10) Dreamy Pink

A pink and sweet study room for a young lady where the colour scheme is predominantly white and tan, complemented with various shades of pink. Spacious deck and shelving for storage contribute to the fun, sensible and charming ensemble.

11) Shared Room with Pastel Colors


Do you have more than one child with the same gender? Putting their interest together might be significant homework, but creating a simple and neutral colour for them is the trick. Having a pastel colour with simple decoration is one of the inspiration for a shared room for them to have a neutral colour and the nuance or warm and calmness in their bedroom.

12) Playful Bunk Beds

A bunk bed is recommended since this can save the room space as well as making your children sleeping in one room which is suitable for their bonding. Bunk bed can also be decorated following the children’s interest, and it is also able to occupy the floor space.

13) Themed rooms

You can opt for themed rooms according to the taste of your child-like a space theme, gardening theme, jungle theme e.t.c, it will add a character to the room, and your kids will love it!


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