13 Amazing Ways To Incorporate Indian Design Style into Your Space

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India is known for it’s rich heritage, wealth and royalty. In the era of royal kings and queens, architecture and interiors were given hell lot of importance. The palaces and monuments used to take several years, massive investment and a gigantic team of designers and karigars to get to the completion point.

Now the time and design styles has changed with urbanization stepping in, still today you will find several Indian homes depicting a very rich and vibrant decor.

Even when Indian design styles is extremely attractive and exotic, it’s not easy to pull it off while balancing all the elements perfectly. Due to many cultures, history and art, there are plethora of styles and looks to choose from!

With following 13 ways you can easily tie together the Indian design style without getting confused:-

1. Go for warm colours

Indian Design Style into Your Space- warm colours

Bright and warm colours are the speciality of Indian design style. While designing your space go for a warm earthy tones that are complimenting vibrant pop-ups like yellow, red, orange, plum, green etc. Meanwhile, keep in mind don’t use too many contrasting shades and textures, otherwise you will end up making your space a weird design salad. Keep it bright but balanced.

2. Solid wood furniture

Indian Design Style into Your Space- Solid wood furniture

India been famous for it’s beautiful craftsmanship and authenticity, choose solid wood furniture with amazing inlay work and carvings. Solid wood furniture will add a lot warmth into your space. In addition, it will also look very traditional and rich.

3. Flooring

Indian Design Style into Your Space- Flooring

As the Indian climate is mostly sunny, it’s important for the homes to be cooler. Therefore, flooring plays a major role in this. Usually, you will find marble, granite or tile flooring in India. Granite is the most durable of all, although it comes with very low maintenance. However, Granite is usually preferred in low budgeted projects because of it’s not so attractive look. Tiles and Marble being the most favourite, they come in plenty of variety to choose from.  

4. Beautiful Patterns

Indian Design Style into Your Space- Beautiful Patterns

If you have been to any monument or temple in India, you must have observed how the place is bathing in rich patterns and art work. Beautiful and intricate patterns are the second most common characterstics in Indian design style. You can use gorgeous patterns on  throw pillows, bed sheets, wall hangings, rugs, walls, and any other upholstery that involves textiles, thus making your home look extravagantly attractive. 

5. Puja room

Indian Design Style into Your Space- Puja room

Religion holding the utmost importance in India, you will barely find any house without puja room or puja space. Earlier the houses used to have enough area to have a big separate puja room dazzling with garlands and pretty scents. Nowadays, due the apartment concept, people are preferring puja wall units or puja shelves with wall mounting. If you too are a fan of Indian interior design style, then you must have a puja space! You can also use wooden panels, mdf jaalis and traditional motifs. In other words, you can even make a small puja space look very charming. 

6. Add some colourful paintings

Indian Design Style into Your Space- colourful paintings

Add some magical charm to your space with colourful traditional Indian paintings. India is known for it’s rich heritage and cultural values, imagine your living room depicting them? Get your space some wonderful Mughal paintings, sanctuary art, tanjore paintings and some more!

7. Handicrafts

Indian Design Style into Your Space- Handicrafts

Accentuate your space with some vibrant Indian handicrafts. Indian markets are full with variety when it comes to artefacts and handicrafts. You can add clay or leather pupets, pottery, marble boxes with ornate carvings, colourful crockery etc.

8. The rich decor

Indian Design Style into Your Space- rich decor

Unique art pieces and upfront bold decor are characterstics of Indian design style. Usually you will find plenty of decorative items like  flower vases, mirrors with beautiful inlay work, animals sculptures, colourful artworks, vintage oil lamps made of  bronze, brass, copper, gilded gold, terracotta, and solid wood.

9. Handwoven Fabric

Indian Design Style into Your Space- Handwoven Fabric

Brimming with beauty and vibrancy, Indian karigari is a must have if you are going for Indian design style. The handwoven fabrics adds a life and soul into the space, making it almost impossible to ignore. There are plenty of options for handspun art like carpets, rugs, cushion covers, drapes, bedsheets and many more! Furthermore, you can decorate your space with upholstered side chairs and side tables, made from handwoven khadi or ikat.   

10. Motifs

Indian Design Style into Your Space- Motifs

Richness and beauty emanating from every nook and corner, Indian design style is unbelievably beautiful. Known for it’s rich culture and art, you will notice plenty motifs in Indian homes. Motifs can be imposed anywhere like partitions, bedspreads, throw pillows, rugs etc.  

11. Informal seating areas

Indian Design Style into Your Space- Informal seating areas

India being famous for make-shifting, you will notice plenty of versatile and informal seating areas in Indian homes, believing in the policy of ‘no space should be wasted’. Above all, a colourful country with a chill attitude even when it comes to designing their houses. You too can have such relaxing and vibrant seating corners in your house by creating different levels of seating using high and low chairs, sofas, diwans, footstools, ottomans etc. Accentuate that space with bright colours, plants and some scented candles. 

12.  Decorative cabinets

Indian Design Style into Your Space- Decorative cabinets

Rich in style and class, traditional indian cabinets are full of functionality and aesthetics. These ornate pieces are brightly painted and comes with a lot of intricate detailing and inlay work. You can use them as storage units too. Place them in those dull corners against any sofa or seating.  

13. Fragrance

Indian Design Style into Your Space- Fragrance

According to vastu, the space should always be smelling good because they attract positive and rich energy to it. Moreover, who doesn’t wants to return to a pleasant smelling place after a long day. But, if you don’t like incense sticks or scented candles then go for reed diffusers. You can dip these reed sticks in any essential oil of your choice as well. 

So, as now you know there are so many variants to pull off a desi decor. You can easily select pieces keeping in mind your personality and thinking process. Last but not the least, don’t forget functionality while focusing on aesthetics!


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